We provide Southern NH with an Irrigation Service that will help your Landscape; at Preferred we feel it is the best way to protect your landscaping investment. Our Goal is to educate our customers, and spend the time to answer the questions they have. Remember to “water smart” with your valuable resource and to hire Preferred to design, install and protect your investment.

Technicians are trained in areas such as clock, line, valve and pump installation, operational trouble shooting of heads and rotors, and complete periodic system maintenance and repairs.

With today’s demands on water conservation, it is important that your system run as efficiently as possible. Our irrigation fleet is fully equipped with parts and accessories to assist with maintenance and repairs at the time we provide our comprehensive periodic system maintenance checks.

Irrigation is a crucial part of your landscape maintenance so whether you have residential or commercial needs.

Water frequency is just as important as the amount of water that you use, to obtain a plush and healthy lawn.

Our Irrigation Services include:

  • Installation
  • Expansion to existing system
  • Drip irrigation installation
  • Irrigation repair
  • Start Ups
  • Winterization